About us

Africa Tour Safari was founded in 2014 and over the years we have built an efficient network of service providers and partners. We develop several activities in the fields of agro-pastoral, travel and events, we are present in Cotonou in the economic capital of Benin with our own permanent employees, a competent team of cultures and values. We come with specialties in cultural travel and encounters so you can discover, rediscover and explore all the historical, human and cultural riches of Benin. We strive to bring visitors closer to their desires.

With local guides, we create authentic experiences. Our tourism and our travel philosophy are based, among other things, on criteria of sustainability and sharing with ecologically and socially compatible approaches.

Our goal when planning the trip is for visitors to discover or rediscover Benin, its people and its culture. We create tailor-made trips with commitment and know-how! Small group tours are our strength. Regarding individual round trips, we take personal wishes into account when planning the trip. It is very important for us to allow visitors to have an enriching stay in Benin in general and in particular in its cities and to transmit human wealth with unforgettable hiking experiences in the hills and privileged encounters.

Who are we ?

As a specialized travel agency, we organize leave and vacations adapted to workers in the private and public sectors. Africa Tour Safari is your well-being and escape partner, born from the meeting of tailor-made travel specialists and international tourism professionals. A structure on a human scale and as close as possible to your needs, carefully selected cities and supervision trained by professionals are the guarantors of the quality of our trips.

Word from the General Director

By embracing this exciting job as a professional travel and tourism agent, it was because we were certain that it was one of the best jobs in the world. And we are well served just by seeing the immense pleasure and happiness that we bring to the people with whom we work and to whom we offer services in different forms.

We have come to the conviction that traveling allows you to take the challenge of leaving your comfort zone, of questioning your certainty in order to set out on a quest and discover the world in its multiple diversity. Read more

ADANKON Clément O.
Promoter and Director

Our vision

Africa tours Safari is a responsible and committed travel agency that focuses on individual and group tours through the cities of Benin. We are thinking with Beninese workers and elsewhere about well-being stays. Cultural exchanges, intensive nature experiences and meetings are at the forefront. We organize our trips in an ecological and resource-saving way, they are characterized by regional added value and respectful treatment of people and nature. We also promote the preservation of cultural heritage and organize concerts and festivals, visit kings and organize local arts tours, painters and sculptures with our clients, joint dance workshops (for example there in Sakpata).

Our values


Commitment is a founding and enduring value of Africa Tour Safari. It is at the heart of our organization's project, particularly in understanding the needs and expectations of people and strong involvement in the service of collective success.​


Respect for people is firmly anchored in the culture of Africa Tour Safari, driven since its origins by strong ethics and deep humanist values! It is also and above all respect for differences.​


For Africa Tour Safari, integrity simply corresponds to consistency between words and action. This value guides each of our practices, thus promoting responsibility, honesty, transparency and fairness in each of our exchanges.​


We are very demanding of ourselves, our services and our employees; for us, the constant optimization of our services is obvious. Our success is measured by the satisfaction of our customers.​

Our services


Our ticketing service has the distinction of being one of the most dynamic services in Benin and Africa. We find the best travel deals for our customers with the most advantageous conditions. We assist our clients all the way to their destination.​

Tourism & Safari

Come discover Africa in all its splendor. We organize excursions for you and your children to all tourist sites and historical, cultural and religious places with professional guides who are very passionate about their work.​

Sound system

A successful event is also (and above all) quality sound. Get the best sound from us at competitive prices. Africa Tours and Safari is a professional service and assistance 7 days a week

Vehicle & Motorcycle Insurance

Ride calmly. We accompany you and assure you throughout your trip. Ride with peace of mind by taking out vehicle or motorcycle insurance with us thanks to our bodily injury, property damage, defense and recourse guarantees, third party fire capital, medical expenses, disability capital, death capital payable to beneficiaries. Benefit from local service, monitoring and 24-hour customer service.

Travel insurance

Are you traveling alone, in pairs, with family, or with friends? We assist you whatever your destination... Thanks to our travel cancellation guarantees, baggage insurance, individual accident and civil liability guarantees, you travel protected.

African restoration

Kupika, the best culinary destination for lovers and enthusiasts of African cuisine. You will discover and appreciate the diversity of African dishes that are so tasty and generous. Consider visiting us.

The team

Clément O. ADANKON

Promoter and Director​


Head of Billetrie Agency


Tourism and Travel Product Manager


Ticketing Team​

Fridaous MAMA

Tourism and Travel Team​

Aurelle ZANNOU

Tourism and Travel Team​