Ride calmly. We accompany you and assure you throughout your trip. Ride with peace of mind by taking out vehicle or motorcycle insurance with us thanks to our bodily injury, property damage, defense and recourse, third party fire recourse, medical expenses capital, disability capital, death capital payable to beneficiaries guarantees. Benefit from local service, monitoring and 24-hour customer service.

Atlantique Assurances Bénin (AAB)

We are proud to announce our partnership with Atlantique Assurances Bénin (AAB) to offer you a complete range of vehicle and motorcycle insurance tailored to your needs. Thanks to this collaboration, we combine our insurance expertise and the recognized know-how of AAB to offer you an even more secure and peaceful driving experience.

OREMI mobile app

You can subscribe to all offers without leaving the comfort of your armchair thanks to the OREMI mobile application – Insurance without paperwork. 100% digital.

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