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(Tourism, well-being and happiness are very linked. There are many convergences between the three notions. One induces the others and concerns perfect health with an elephant’s longevity. It goes without saying that ‘with these convergences, we avoid finding ourselves once in the premises of a hospital.)

On this day Wednesday March 20 when the international community celebrates the International Day of Happiness your tourism agency Africa Tours, Safari offers you the intrinsic link between tourism, well-being and happiness with the aim of making you aware of the objectives pursued by the United Nations (UN). A day to be happy, of course! The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal. The United Nations General Assembly recognizes this goal and calls for a more inclusive, equitable and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes the happiness and well-being of all people.

Tourism, travel and the pleasure of escape

Dear visitors, I’m not telling you anything, tourism is considered to be the act of traveling, of exploring for pleasure a place other than the one where one usually lives. In other words, tourism allows you to forget for a while the daily routine, stress, worries and other ailments that make you very confused. Take a “normal” day, without war, without disaster, without any rape… and others to de-stress because the cost of stress and depression is colossal for businesses, our projects and more particularly for our lives.

Tourism makes you enjoy happiness

First of all, happiness is, in the common sense, a pleasant, balanced and lasting emotional state in which someone finds themselves who believes they have achieved the satisfaction of the aspirations and desires that they consider important. He then perceives his own situation in a positive way and feels a feeling of fullness and serenity, from which stress, worry and turmoil are absent. Then, happiness is being alive. Being alive retains the sense of mobility, I mean of a presence, of a vibration essential for our fundamental well-being. I would like to recognize that happiness means roots of emotions that simply vibrate, like an orgasm, a desire to be satisfied daily. Ultimately happiness is myself the one who organizes it in a landscape with the natural and tourist assets that the creator has made available to the human beings that we are.

Africa Tours organizes an unforgettable safari for you

Serious studies show the benefit of happiness, including in the world of work where empathy, compassion and listening are qualities to also be implemented in the world of work to promote a better working climate within our businesses. Why not organize a collective safari for your staff. We all have something to gain from it. To get there, we offer you a pack of unforgettable services, namely: return ticket with special assistance, discovery tours, high and medium standard accommodation, travel insurance, rich and varied gastronomy, assistance upon arrival and departure from the airport.

Des raisons sanitaires

It is subtle to know that at 50%, there is starting capital, it is the genetic inheritance of the disposition to happiness. There are approximately 10% concerning external circumstances and 40% personal investment. Here’s the good news, we have the opportunity to cultivate our abilities to feel well-being. A goal of positive psychology is to understand the relationships between happiness, human relationships and “pro-social” qualities such as compassion, altruism and gratitude. We are better off if we do good to others. This is what makes us the happiest. It is possible to practice, for example, learning to say thank you, cultivating optimism, noticing what is going well rather than what is going wrong, strengthening social bonds such as cultivating generosity, learning to forgive, giving a compliment.

Advice from your tourism agency

Through this beautiful stroll through the world of Belles Lettres, we understood the relevance of the institution of the World Day of Happiness. We also understood the correlation between tourism, well-being and happiness. To help you manage stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, enjoy the pleasures of life in the present moment with the objectives of mindfulness meditation, we offer you risk-free travel to Benin and throughout Africa in order to quench your thirst for a moment. We provide you with our infrastructure and logistics for your mental and emotional well-being through this picturesque Beninese destination rich in beauty.     

                                                      Oscar S. MEDO-ADOKON

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