Cultural explorers immersion

In Benin, animism and ancestor worship are part of daily life, the fetish market is sacred places, it is a kind of pharmacy, fetish priests give their blessings to followers or patients in rooms fetishes where you have to be used to staying alone in these rooms, these are very disturbing places.

1 night/ 2 days

64 500 F CFA


Day 1 : COTONOU-ABOMEY-PORTO-NOVO (1 night at Abomey)

Visit to Abomey: The Vodoun village, The royal Vodoun temple, Rural Abomey, Sacred forest, The night market,

Lunch, Dinner and Night in Abomey:


Visit to Porto-Novo: The village of tam in Adjara, the Afro-Brazilian district and the traditional district

Lunch in Porto-Novo: Visit to Cotonou: Fa Chuch

Your meal

The liwo kanbla

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